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Limits and Limitations. A Message for 2015

Fallout Shelter member Drew Spence welcomes 2015 with a solid message.

Producer's Edge

Wishing you well in the coming year…

Words by Drew Spence

Happy New Year from Producer's Edge Magazine Happy New Year

I‘m sure you’ve heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” Or that old(er) people become “Set in their ways“. We look at that- as a statement related to stubbornness and unwillingness to change or adapt. That rigid and dogged determination to remain the same is rooted in believing you have ‘mastered yourself’. And mastering means you have learned enough about yourself to tell others exactly how you operate. The problem is, I have never heard this sentiment used in a positive way. It usually refers to or outlines an imagined boundary and leads to excuses.

“I’m the kind of person that needs….”

“Knowing me, I probably won’t….”

“See, the way that I am…I can’t….”

“I really don’t do well, when…”

Instead of learning about where you…

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