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The Appetizer Radio Show reviews Rocket Science

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Dynamics Plus Explodes On Rocket Science


Rocket Science isn’t a straight hip-hop album. It’s isn’t a straight anything. The brilliance is that the rap style can cross borders and appeal to people who enjoy a little thought in their lyric…


Reviewed by D Grant Smith

What made Eminem stand out from his competition when he emerged in the underground was his more than just style. It was content, and the incredible ability to flow with intellectually crafted lyrics that challenged you to think in the middle of his rhyme. Just like when a great writer makes you go back again and again to the same line to discover more of what it meant. Dynamics Plus takes on this complexity with his new release Rocket Science.

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The style similarity is present from the opening track, but the music does more than Shady’s typical sound. Kicking things off on The Ultimate Year, a throw-back styled tune recalling the Fresh Prince with a little modification with a California-styled setting, there are brains and musical brawn packaged together.

This is notably due to Dynamics Plus being more than a standard lyricist or rapper. The talented producer is visibly articulate in representing his one-of-a-kind approach to rap and hip-hop, illustrated in his video series from the new release. Of the 9 Official videos, standouts include Sunrise to Sunset, Plenty To Say, and Taxi All Is Fare.



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