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My You Tube views are frozen

My You Tube views are frozen


Dynamica Music Youtube banner

New content, not sure how to promote it.

I’m stuck at 301 and I don’t know why


A thank you goes to You Tube for providing a free hosting site to display our content. In the beginning it was little tough to sort out the video sizes, rates and thumbnails, but now You Tube is much easier to navigate. They added Ad Sense and Monetizing, so content creators can get paid a small amount from the traffic they drive to You Tube. Of course you’ve seen ads that claim to ‘boost’ your views or services offering thousands of ‘real’ views for cheap. Of course these are all scams and fake looks- created with clever programming and bots. Bots are automated programs and scripts designed to trigger repeated views of content without any human interaction.


Rihanna VS Katy Perry

Of course views are important. So when major labels were outed and their fake views purged from You Tube, we realized WHY those services were used so often. When I hit the You Tube home page and saw a Rihanna video with millions of views and right next to it, a Katy Perry video with many more millions, I thought “Wow, although Katy Perry isn’t in the news, but she’s still more popular than Rihanna. Oh and look, Katy is even more looked at than Lady Gaga who has a big world tour going on.” So yeah, it works on us and gives us an impression of how beloved the artist is. It does seem stupid to gauge the quality of a thing by first checking how popular it is. We are driven by ‘seens’ over substance and it’s now more important to be followed than supported by true fans.


The Great You Tube crack down and dividing your dividends

To combat rigging views and gaming the system, You Tube monitors views and weeds out bad quality views. This causes your video to freeze at 301 + views while You Tube’s algorithms calculates and recalculates your actual QUALITY views. You can read their policy here:



You can read more about how You Tube and Google prevent invalid activity here: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1348752
So what do you do?

Wait. And wait some more. Since this policy has started, there is no longer any way to contact You Tube tech support and the previous emails I have used to contact You Tube are no longer valid. Even Google, which used to be super fast in response time, has a continuous looping hold message that never picks up. After an hour and a half, I have up, even though the pre-recorded message said my call was important and hang on in there.


Terms and Critical Conditions

Yeah, you’d better read that You Tube user policy and agreement you clicked on before you uploaded that video of your cat playing with the ball of string. Cheating the system can lead to the removal of your video and/or the deletion of your channel. ANYTHING that plays your video in a hosting program or runs deeply embedded (anything other than the generic SHARE link code) runs the risk of being a violation. And you are wholly responsible. Meaning any site can tell you they are “You Tube Partners” or “totally safe”, “views by real people” or “We work with You Tube”. That is all lies. And they can say whatever they want, because YOU will lose your content and channel. You Tube doesn’t care how you got scammed. And yes, you will see ads on You Tube. Yep, on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Reverb Nation. And these sites WILL USE THE YOU TUBE logo. They do not care, but you should. Virool and Promolta are sites that violate You Tube user policy. [I couldn’t get You Tube to put that in writing or their support to put it in a full sentence, but if you read your Terms and Conditions, you will easily see where this goes wrong] Use them at your own risk and apply some common sense when looking to promote your content. If someone or some entity could send 10,000 people to look at a video, they’d be pretty powerful right? That’s like some celebrity force-power right there. Why would that engine be available to you for $9.95? Enough said on that.


The Quality View Quandary So how do I get more views?

You Tube has an area dedicated to offering you tips on getting more exposure or making better use of the exposure you do get. It’s worth reading and following. My channel had some issues and I addressed them real quick.

Thanks You Tube!

You Tube info: http://www.youtube.com/yt/creators/get-viewers.html

wiki link: http://www.wikihow.com/Get-More-Views-on-Your-YouTube-Videos


Analyzing Analytics

This area is, along with the new Realtime feature should provide extended information that continually updates to let you know where traffic is coming from and the rate of your views. Of course this information could prove to be invaluable in determining what advertising campaigns are the most effective. It’s a rub, then, that view counts freeze at 301 since you can no longer tell what’s working and how well. If you press the analytics button, located to the bottom right, below your video, you are taken to a screen that displays all the pertinent information – including those so important Quality Views. That’s the real number that You Tube has verified as your view count. Yes, it’s much, much lower than the views posted on the channel or video page. Somewhere between those two numbers are the crunchy crunch, crunch algorithm You Tube is using to keep evil-doers from getting payouts based on fake activity. Unfortunately, it seems thousands, if not millions of channels are caught up in that netting pause.


You Tube Server Problems

Server aint servin right

Right now, my analytics are broken due to server problems, but even when it worked, it wasn’t working right. When I launched a new video, I sent 40 of my more likely to watch friends a text with the link and info about a new video. About 30 responded back relatively quickly with comments about the video or called briefly to talk about it. My analytics showed no activity and the view count stayed minimal for several days. Even comments alone, proved there was more activity than You Tube counted. I have seen threads across the net about how You Tube is changing their view-meter every day or every few hours. What constitutes a Quality View? They keep changing this to outwit the bots and scammers. Do mobile views count? Can a person watch my video several times? What about tablets? Are embedded videos counted? What percentage of the video being watched counts as a view? All good questions and as long as You Tube must keep changing their counting system, there will probably never be a definitive answer.


This video has more than 300 views. C’mon You Tube, let’s work it out.

Personal Plays Plague Problems

Hey, this is my blog isn’t it? So of course it gets personal. I wrote an extremely nice letter (this is business after all) to You Tube detailing my entire video launch campaign, which included screen shots as evidence. It shows my Constant Contact customer lists, which are in the thousands. My twitter blasts and the number of artist-centric accounts that retweet. This, TheDynamicUniverse blog shows a huge spike whenever new content is released, my Facebook ad results that show thousands of views and hundreds of engagements and my radio airplay that show huge spins and also has direct links to my You Tube channel videos for the same songs getting spins. I’ve done less, with lesser videos, and gotten more views. So the final question is, What can we do about this new View Count system and how long do we have to wait before the system is fixed. Until I get real answers to these questions, I am limited to making fresh content and hoping someone sees it. If you have any ideas or comments, you can share them with me in the comment section below.


+UPDATE: (10/13/14) Views are unfrozen, but it looks like the initial launch views were reset.

  1. February 17, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    My 14yr old son, Lucas Ciliberti, is trying hard to make a name for himself in the Music Industry… It is HARD WORK!!! He has AMAZING Talent, but all the “BIG BOX” Music Makers say he needs a minimum of 250,000 views on Youtube, 10,000 Subscribers, and at least that many LIKES on Facebook… How do you do that – and not pay for views??? (which we will NOT DO!!!) Lucas has morals, and will not stoop to that level – even though many of his friends in the Industry do so routinely… Please help me, to help him, be successful… Thank you so much for your time – I learned ALOT reading your Blog – and was just about to PAY Number One Music!!! So, THANK YOU, for that too! Are there any sites you WOULD recommend??? Blessings! Bridget Ciliberti

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