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Album Review More More Sound Dynamics Plus – Rocket Science

Dynamic Plus – Rocket Science review by

More More Sound

words by LaserLife

This is one of the most exciting independent rap releases I had to chance to hear over the past few months!


It always baffles me a little when I hear people referring to electronic music as an actual genre. Sure, there are many genres that were made possible by the sounds, production trends and approach of electronic music, but I personally tend to look at the whole deal behind electronic music more like a way to compose than as an actual music genre.

While a part of me will never deny the love for the good old analog day; the blood on my guitar strings and some worn out drum skins, another part of me can’t help but being truly fascinated about the wonders of the digital age. Electronic music composers can tweak, manipulate and arrange audio in ways that are only limited by one’s imagination. From EDM to glitch or electro-rock, there are many incredible examples of people using electronic music to push the envelope and truly make a difference when it comes to his creative approach.

Dynamics Plus Rocket Science album Cover

Rocket Science gives more, more sound..

This is definitely the case of  Dynamic Plus, an act with a truly unique approach to music production. His album “Rocket Science” is absolutely impressive because of its genre defying attitude and eclectic approach. The songs are really direct, immediate and easy to relate to, in spite of the great variety of sounds. This is a truly great blend of hip-hop with lots of diverse influences, ranging from the old school to the new ones. When I listen to the  18 songs featured within the track list I am immediately reminded of the style of pioneering artists the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def or The Beasty Boys, but the songs also echo modern-day greats such as Jay Z, Kanye West or Drake, just to name a few.

The coolest thing about this release is that the songs have a really cool spontaneous vibe, almost like listening to a very, very good freestyle.

Don’t miss “Rocket Science” ! This is one of the most exciting independent rap releases I had to chance to hear over the past few months!


Source: http://moremoresound.tumblr.com/post/95546877206/dynamic-plus-rocket-science-it-always-baffles


Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

You can watch the video for the lead single “Phase Shift” on You Tube.



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