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Dynamics Plus interview with with indicoPromo Rocket Science and more

indicoPromo Dynamics Plus interview

Dynamics Plus Phase Shift

Dynamics Plus speaks through speakers

Lenzmen Dynamics Plus drops a Rocket Science album. It’s clever wordplay, familiar scenarios and a scientific take – all flipped out- over hopped up sonics. We blast off into orbit with this rap artist and producer.

What’s the scene like on Long Island, where you are from?

It’s a little splintered. We don’t have that density, so you have to drive everywhere and it can be tough to corral people in one place for smaller events. Some think it’s straight country, but it’s more suburban than people understand. We’re the home of Public Enemy, EPMD, Biz Markie, JVC Force and Keith Murray. Maybe Rakim said it best “It aint where you from…”

How long have you been performing… as a scientist?
Well, that’s more about the general category or banner style I sorta fit under. That was meant to lean towards experimental rhyming and usually sci-fi-ish subject matter. Most scientific rappers tend to use a lot of big words. I don’t really do that. I think of science as taking something very complex and making it simple and workable. I try to say a lot with very few words. On Rocket Science, there’s a song called “Dominator Brainstorm” where I said:

“…hit up the Cape drop a tape, launch a rocket, escape wrapped in a cape…”

Pretty simple on the surface, but in context I’m saying hit up Cape Canaveral in Florida where launches occur. “escape wrapped in a cape” is a reference to the child Superman being sent by his parents in a rocket, wrapped in his cape. Dropping a tape and launching a rocket is a reference to my Rocket Science album and I am comparing my situation to Superman’s. That’s a lot of stuff going on in that little snippet. I end that verse with:

“…the parallel is ill, Plus, I’m from a Smallville.”


The parallel is my use of metaphors and similes to compare and also Smallville is Clark’s hometown and a small village is a nod my own smallish town of West Babylon. So when you grasp the basics of what I’m doing, it becomes simple to understand. That’s the point of being a scientist, to me.

What’s next?

Promote, promote and promote. That’s why I’m so glad you are giving me this space to share my music. Right now, we have numerous videos for Rocket Science already in production so I’m counting down to blast off with that.


Who are your influences musically?
Who? I should really say everything. I hear musical sounds in everything. I really don’t have anyone that I can look at and go “Oh that’s how I should approach this.” My camp is Lenzmen and pretty much- lyricists on that level push me forward.

What do you do for downtime, when you are not making music?
Downtime, what’s that? I stay in my creative zone. I do digital comics and the Mark of the Griffin web series. Running behind EDM artist Domino Grey and our electronic band Fallout Shelter keeps me plenty busy.
Do you have any wise words for your fans?

I don’t know about wise, but yeah, I’d say let me know what’s happening. After CHAOS Legion and Battlestrux a lot of you hit me up and said you were waiting for a return to regular songs so here we go. I’ll rock out, off of your feedback so keep it coming. I appreciate that communication. Okay. Thanks for doing this interview and taking the time.


Rocket Science album cover

Rocket Science. Blast off now.

Rocket Science is out now and available on iTunes and other digital outlets

You can watch the video for the lead single “Phase Shift” on You Tube.