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Movie Review World War Z

World War Z: The last war of the last letter.

Movie Review World War Z

28 Days, no weeks after Resident Evil

World War Z poster

Pile on for a game of Kill The Man With The Brains

You know what you are in for- from the trailer alone. It’s the zombie apocalypse realized in a big summer blockbuster format with some Brad Pitt star-power and the CGI goods to back it up. The undead give us a couple of options when it comes to the origin and rules of the flesh-eating antagonists. Should they be shambling and mumbling brains or ultra strong and nimble? 28 Days Later (2002) and its sequel 28 Weeks Later (2007) gave us a new, fast moving ravenous zombie horde and World War Z multiplies the body count by a few thousand. Honesty, this movie could be viewed as the final chapter of a 28 trilogy.
Cemetery Plots

Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a United Nations operative re-enlisted to help fight a viral infection that threatens the entire world. His character lands nicely between reluctant semi-civilian and skillful hero. That allows us to skip past the act-stupid-in-disbelief trope and avoid the last-worthy-guy cliché…for the most part. His only pause for getting involved- stems from his reluctance to leave his family. Which is interesting since the ENTIRE PLANET is in jeopardy and a huge asset like Pitt puts his own concerns ahead of a global crisis. At least that builds his character and gives some reasoning for his dogged determination and will to continue against incredible odds.

Bite Me

Marc Forester directs a fast-paced movie based on the novel by Max Brooks. There are a few departures so the original story remains fresh enough to read for total zombie-Z-immersion. And we do find ourselves face to face with the terror rather quickly. There is also a nice balance between the up-close-and-personal confrontations and the large scale battles. The movie remains tight and tense, whether it’s one thousand scaling a wall or just one breaking down a door. The set pieces are varied and it keeps the action fresh. There’s zombies in the land sea and air.

The movie only suffers from a few minor cuts, but I can’t say all of them are avoidable. As awesome as the varied locales are, there is a familiarity with some of the action sequences. A battle in the narrow corridors of an apartment complex and zombies racing up the stairs after our party? I’m not sure there is an original way to showcase these kinds of events, but unfortunately your mind will recall familiar scenes from movies like Resident Evil and I Am Legend. I say it’s a small concern because logically- this where the pivotal events would naturally occur.

What’s Plan C?

In the tradition of the best horror movies, our characters hatch out a dangerous plan that is seen as the only chance for survival. I love these blocks and it always elevates the characters above the I’m-so-stupid-you-hope-I-die and forces them to do what we wouldn’t and couldn’t. That display of courage is always a small testament of why we, as humans, should survive. Oh yes, we get several of those scenarios and we are happily able to escape the cheap jumps like the cat jumping out of the cupboard. This movie earns all of its scares and uses timing and location to add jolt. World War Z proves you don’t need a surprise to be surprised. I’m not a movie critic; I’m just critiquing a movie.

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