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Domino Grey interview with YoungCelebrityNews

Young Celebrity Newsblog interview with DOMINO GREY

Domino Grey

Domino Grey, never fencing with words

Can you tell us about growing up listening to music? Did that have a big effect on you in who you are today as a musician?

I think so. I believe a huge part of happiness is doing what we loved to do as a child, in an adult world, which means either as a career or as an intense hobby. Our grown up eyes only see responsibilities and what we think we ‘should do’. A child’s vision is much more honest as it focuses only on ‘wants to do’. Therefore, the limitations of what you ‘can and can’t do’ are what fuel your dreams. My music is a reflection of those aspirations.

And that’s what inspired you to start producing music? 

Yes! My parent’s record collection told the story of their history. It told me who they were. It represented their tastes and sensibilities. It was a wide array of music. Calypso, Dance, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Classical, Country & Western…plus I watched so much sci-fi and anime. I would stare at these albums and create the story of me as that artist. You’d see an album cover of the producer in the studio, a picture of the artist lost in thought or just a pretty woman sitting there. I wanted to be in that world and I hope the music I make tells a story.

Who are some of your musical influences today?

I’m more drawn to sounds than artists, to be honest. I like to paint with a large palette of sounds…from synthesizers to traditional instruments to using samples in my work. We are doing so much to break down the barriers between composing, producing and performing. So much of our music happens on the production side and so much of our tendencies are influenced by the live performance aspects. The modern record sounds as if it is already being manipulated by a DJ and so much of its sound is affected and not recorded. It’s a producer’s craft now.

Tell us what exactly being a producer means and does?

Traditionally, it’s about bringing the record to term. It’s about the session and bringing the best out of the artist.  It’s about the details and…



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