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Move Review Love (2011) – 2001 and Moon meet The Fountain

Love, a movie review

-directed by William Eubank and starring Gunner Wright

After editing my personal tastes and preferences in Netflix, I was bombarded with a ton of movies I have never heard of. Love was one of them. The plot summary detailed a lone astronaut abandoned in a low-orbiting space station that loses contact with earth and loses it. The reviews suggested there was an interwoven story about time travel and the memories of past lives. It sounded interesting enough so I dove in.


Love Movie Poster

Love is timeless and bonding

Moon (2009), Directed by Duncan Jones has a similar tone of isolation with a meaningful payoff at the end. We get the same stage here in Love as the living environment of a cold and sterile satellite-station magnifies the aloneness and loneliness. There is simply nothing to do but be alone. And that set up needs to hook you. You have to be pulled in by the hard sci-fi atmosphere and the calm and steady pacing because that’s mostly what you get here.
Director William Eubank seems to specialize in earthy urban dramas and pulled inspiration for Love [his first sci-fi foray] from a few spacey classics. It was as if he intended to improve Moon by saying something bigger in Love. It was if he wanted to recreate the vibe of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain (2006), but tell the story in a simpler way. And finally, Eubank must have loved the resolution of 2001: A Space Odyssey where Dave Bowman meets himself from the future.


In Love, we get interesting, we get profound, but we don’t get awe and epic. In the end, we find that Love is the most powerful bonding agent and it’s our memories of love that keep us rooted in time. Love is a good movie and worth watching, but I get a sense that the memory of this movie will also fade over time. There just wasn’t enough to differentiate it from all the pieces that inspired it.

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