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Fallout Shelter Elevator Music Volume II GRIND FLOOR Instrumental Album

Dynamica Music and AVXP Present

Elevator Music Volume II Ground Grind Floor

buy Grind Floor Elevator Music Volume II for $9.95

Elevator Music Volume II Grind Floor

This is instrumental music from Fallout Shelter. It’s in your face and up close and personal. It’s a tough Grind on the Ground floor. Beats, bits and beautiful bumpers from Drew Spence, Domino Grey, Dynamics Plus and Xodus Phoenix.

Purchase Fallout Shelter Volume II Grind Floor from Dynamica Music

$9.95 Available now!


Like always, this will be available on iTunes, Beatport and digital stores where fine music is sold. And also, directly from Dynamica Music.

Track Listing

1. Give Her Back 95 bpms [originally titled Blast Off Captain] :46

Produced by Dynamics Plus

2. Quite Superficial 97 bpms 3:42

Produced by Drew Spence

3. Neva Listen 95 bpms 3:37

Produced by Drew Spence

4. My Girl Is… 3:45

Produced by Drew Spence

5. Chain Envy Everybody Needs A Gold Chain 3:38

Produced by Dynamics Plus

6. Isis Grill 105 bpms 3:24

Produced by Domino Grey

7. Blot the Sun 96 bpms 4:34

Produced by Drew Spence

8. Water Test 97 bpms 4:17

Produced by Drew Spence

9. Afternoon Departures 100 bpms 3:04

Produced by Xodus Phoenix and Domino Grey

10. Room and Bored 94 bpms 2:44

Produced by Xodus Phoenix

11. Bad Passenger 97 bpms 3:08

Produced by Drew Spence

12. Isolated Girl 102 bpms 4:08

Produced by Drew Spence

13. Split Down The Middle 92 bpms 2:17

Produced by Dynamics Plus

14. Get Up, Get On 93 Bpms 1:43

Produced by Dynamics Plus



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