Mark of the Griffin Graphic Novel 2nd Villainy of the Vile

Mark of the Griffin 2nd Villainy of the Vile

Violence, victory and a vile vial!

The Griffin is asked to investigate strange happenings at a secret bio-chemical facility. Theft is involved, but instead of breaking in, it appears the villain is breaking out. It’s an open and shut case of cut and paste until the case is opened and the Griffin might be the next to get cut.

Fallout Shelter fills a test tube with the music from episode 0; Technique without Passion is Limited and episode 1; Villainy of the Vile.


NOTES and Stuffs….

So we combined episode zero and episode one into a single graphic novel. It was simply for the sake of storytelling and to sort out the soundtracks since there was different music for the videos and the books. Plus, episode zero (the Kung Fu school fight) Technique without Passion is Limited is so tied to the resolution here. I didn’t embed the soundtrack behind the GN  since our host is still limited with play controls. I understand you want to FFWD and REWD and just streaming music isn’t as cool. If you hit us up enough and show votes going the other way, I’ll embed the music like in episode zero. The soundtrack is done and is out for digital distribution so by the end of September I’ll be posting links for purchase.

That’s about it.

Don’t forget to be a Marker and share, post, blog and tweet. The more people that get involved, the more we can do.

Thanks for supporting Dynamics Comics and the Mark of the Griffin.

– Drew Spence, the AGENCI and the Mark of the Griffin crew!

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