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Domino Grey Music featured in AutoMod Central Car Commercial

The track “Unlocks the Delicate Girl” from Butterfly Affect Part I was selected for a car commercial by Automod Central.


About AutoMod on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AutoModCentral

AutoModCentral has been created to improve the quality of cars, trucks and SUVs everywhere. We will help make your vehicle quicker, handle better, look better and keep you safer, more entertained and informed while inside. The cutting edge of automotive technology is right here, available 24/7 with support and staffing like nobody else. Truly knowledgeable people who are at car shows, races and in auto shops when they’re not here is what separates us from the competition. We eat, sleep and live modified cars, whether its a sport compact, muscle car, bad-@$$ truck or a sweet European ride. From mechanics to body shop managers to autocross drivers to mudders, our staff is a mix of everything you need when looking for the right parts for your ride.

 Visit their Website: http://automodcentral.com/index.php

Butterfly Affect Part I:
Facial Recognition Technology
Butterfly Affect album artwork available on iTunes
Domino Grey presents a tightly wound set of dance tracks. It’s high-energy all the way around. This is the first release for the Butterfly Affect series. The caterpillar undergoes its metamorphosis and a young girl discovers her face in the mirrored responses of a woman.
This is Part I: Facial Recognition Technology.

“A girl looked in the mirror and saw a caterpillar instead of the butterfly she had become.”
Download the Digital Album at CD quality for only $5.99
Available on iTunes and other sites where digital music is sold

@Domino_Grey on twitter

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