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Movie Review Safe House (2012)

The world’s most-wanted double, no, triple agent just turned himself in. An ambitious CIA safe house watcher is tasked with keeping him safe until relief arrives. That’s no easy mission when he can’t trust anyone- not even himself.

Safe House: No one is Safe

A shepherd needs to bring in a sheep that may be a wolf instead.

Denzel Washington plays counter-intelligence-super-spy Tobin Frost who has been selling secrets to every side for years. Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) stars opposite as the promotion-hungry CIA agent stuck in the dead-end job of watching over safe houses. In most movies, safe houses are places police and the FBI use to hide key witnesses that are unsafe anywhere else. In this arena, the safe house is an extraction point where individuals of interest are stored, interrogated and/or tortured if need be.

This is a familiar role for Washington who taps in to his Alonzo from Training Day style to create a character that appears wholly evil, but possible a misunderstood shepherd in sheep’s clothing. It’s a solid film that creates an paranoid atmosphere of who’s out to get me and friend or foe at every turn. I give the movie extra credit for a nice turn that’s not a twist. You know what to expect: worthy interactions between characters, a few tightly done and suspenseful action sequences and a small moral question of how intelligently the intelligence branch of our government operates. Worth renting, but I wouldn’t add I to my collection at full price. I’m no movie critic; I’m just critiquing a movie.

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