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Robotica Movie I Soundtrack: This Far Past the Frontier

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Robotica Movie I This Far Past the Frontier

Robotica The Thousand Years War Movie I

Dynamics Plus releases the Battlestrux Robotica Movie I Soundtrack. This album contains all the songs and ambient music used in the first animated movie. The aliens have returned to finish off the robot servants, humanity has left behind. This is the Thousand Years War.

You can find the movie at and more about the music at


Track Listing

1. Welcome Aboard

2. Sonic Floor Drop [Rewind and Re-capsule]

3. Kingdom Come [Movie 1 Main Theme]

4. Larynx Tone [Intro Speech Redux]

5. Pulse Wave Disengage [De-Warp Ambience]

6. De-warp interlude

7. Dust Bowl

8. Dust to Dust

9. Meltdown [The Energy Spike]

10. Wind Krush

11. Meditations [Repetitive Resonance]

12. Emergency [The Aliens are Back]

13. I leave in the Fall

14. Somber Event

15. Planet Thumper

16. Cirrus Gate [Closing Theme]


The movie has been around for a while and a few heads kept asking about the music so I decided to release it as  separate soundtrack.


The Blog Post has all the movies as a direct embed from Youtube.

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