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he owners of RadioWaves have been promoting independent music and unsigned artists since 1987

Radio Waves online Radio Station Podcast

Domino Grey music also plays on a bunch of online radio stations and one of them is called Radio Waves. They have a campaign running to raise funds to help them continue to support independent artists and raise money for charitable organizations. It’s a worthwhile cause.

I used to think about “giving back” and say to myself, “Well yeah, if I had a million dollars, I’d be this big charitable person.” Well, I don’t have a million, but I can rustle up a dollar or two to help. As an artist, my most prized possession is my music so a bunch of us are giving our songs to Radio Waves to be bundled as free gifts to those that donate. A very cool thing. It’s called the Get Something – Give Something More Campaign. Here are more details.


visit Brocket 99 to Get Something - Give Something More

Get Something - Give Something More

  You and I can make 2012 the biggest year ever for Brocket 99 and RadioWaves.us donations to First Nations and Native American Causes.** Brocket 99 and RadioWaves.us donate a percentage of all audio products and donations  received, to help North American Natives. I’m ecstatic about doing this. And I want to give to a greater extent. I began making regular donations in June, 2010 and saw a new vision for giving more in December 2011. Although my personal goal wasn’t reached, I was very happy to have made our largest monthly donation ever with your help. That month I split our donation between the Ooglala Lakota and 1st Nations Children/Family Caring Society.

Here’s what I’m doing now. When we receive over 100 audio orders* (*or $10+ donations to RadioWaves.us) in a calendar month, I will give 10% to the cause. Over 200* and I’ll donate 15%. And   if I get over 300* I will, with great joy and gratitude, donate 20% of what comes in. And I’ll still contribute more than before even when these personal goals aren’t met.

And RadioWaves Fans, we haven’t left you hanging. Make a donation of $10 or more and we’ll give your site, business, band, special someone or whatever you’d like a free plug on the show. You write it, or record it on mp3,  (keep it nice and 30 seconds or less) email it to us, and we’ll play it on the show! And if you don’t want to record it, don’t worry, we’ll read it on air. No sweat. It’s what we do. And another BIG surprise for you soon!

The fact is that I own and operate both Brocket 99 and RadioWaves on a shoestring budget. It’s not enough to make a living with. But I believe it will be! This is what I love and I know you love it too because the site gets thousands of visitors every month. Over the past two years I have seen the power of giving with a grateful heart. The more we happily give (and that’s the only way to do it) the more we receive. And I know that  many Brocket 99 and RadioWaves fans care about Native people in North America. Now we can share how much we care with those who need it the most. My pledge is to give more than ever each and every month.  Please help me to make this the biggest year in Brocket 99 – RadioWaves  history! This is not the end. It’s the beginning! Get something. Give something more!


Brocket 99



The song I’m donating is from Butterfly Affect Part I: Facial Recognition Technology it’s called “Mirrored Responses”.

Thanks for checking this out.

-Domino Grey 2012

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