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Dynamics Plus presents the Falling Planets Soundtrack

Dynamics Plus presents the Falling Planets Soundtrack

Falling Planets, the Soundtrack

This is man’s first step into the larger universe.


 Our warp drive will open a new frontier.

This is man’s first step into the larger universe.

We will stumble over our humanity.


Falling Planets is the soundtrack inspired by the Graphic Novel.



I spend most of my time hunched over something; it’s either my computer or synthesizer keyboard. When I think about it, it was always this way. – Hidden away in my room drawing up adventure stories about heroic characters from far off worlds. Come to think of it, my music tends to follow that theme too. It makes sense since I used to play music while I drew my comics. The idea hit me to use my music as a soundtrack to a graphic novel. So, you are supposed to read the book while the music plays in the background. That’s the experience I was trying to create.

I actually sat on this comic for a long time. Every so often I would get the urge to read it again and remember how different the graphics were or put the soundtrack on while I worked. It just struck me to put it out, yeah and drop the soundtrack too. While looking for the original files, I stumbled across a video version of the novel with the soundtrack behind it and decided to upload that too.

Story Synopsis:

A team is sent discover the fate of Earth’s first unmanned, warp-drive capable, space probe. They will discover their own humanity… and also be discovered!


01 AVX Intro Logo Theme

02 Cosmic Naught

03 DeWarp Drama

04 Inner Space Piece

05 Grabbed in Hold

06 Aggressive Officer

07 Rise Thumper Rise

08 Off Point Baby

09 Sinister Planet Fall

10 Falling Planets

11 Ending Music

Enter the Battlestrux

Battlestrux was a comic book I began drawing back in high school. The entire saga follows the rise and fall of humanity and our influence in the universe. Falling Planets is the first story I wanted to present and it tells the story of alien contact. Thank you for supporting my imagination. – Andrew Spencer

The Graphic Novel can be purchased here for only $14.95


Buy the Graphic Novel in print and receive a FREE download of the Soundtrack album.

And the soundtrack is available now directly from The Dynamic Universe. The MP3 package also has a digital version of the Graphic Novel in PDF format.

Graphic Novel +  Soundtrack for only $7.47

The soundtrack will be available on iTunes and other fine digital retailers.

You can read more about the Graphic Novel in this blog post.

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