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10 Types of posts I don’t want to see on Facebook anymore

10 Types of posts I don’t want to see on Facebook anymore

Failure to Communicate

We’re all on Facebook, but for many different reasons. Some are here to Socially Network and meet new people with similar interests. Some just want to pass the time. Some want to catch up with or reconnect with old friends. Some want to push their business and find new customers and increase their brand awareness. Yeah so…this weird mix of purposes and profiles has lead to a  few reoccurring themes I’m tired of seeing.

1. Get Money … We don’t need someone on they hustle or grind reminding us of their greed. Show us you got money by spending it on something meaningful to us. Constantly talking about money doesn’t convince anyone that you have money, a better plan to get money or that you’re about to get some more. And since you aint spending it on me, I must admit, I don’t really care.

2. Things that are likely to change soon- like Dating Status Updates. I know, I know. You’re rubbing it in the face of your ex (or current) that ‘Thangs done changed’. Well, those of us that know you know what your real status is and those that don’t have the same odds as they did before. All it says is that you’re fighting. Don’t do it. You’ll look silly a day later when you change it back.

3. The “I’m single and lonely” post also known as ‘Hot chick is having an ugly day and needs some flattery to boost her self esteem.” This one usually comes from gurlz lamenting that they can’t find anyone. Meanwhile they’ve got 4,998 friends and at least 347 guys salivating over their every post/pic. Oh I remember, you’re looking for a sensitive, caring man who will love you always. Maybe you should consider that guy who talks to you everyday and ignore the 4,997 horn-dogs who friended you after you uploaded that Cleavage-heavy Profile Pic. I’m just saying.

4. Thank you God for giving me crap. I remember reading in the bible about how the rich and shallow people would pray. They would speak very loud and thank the Lord for every single worldly possession they own. “Thank you Lawd for making me one of the rich ones”. It doesn’t bring glory or attention to God. It’s prideful boasting.

5. I’m going to dump some friends. All this tells us is- you are unhappy about the amount of attention your posts get so you are threatening your ‘friends’ into action. Stop using your main profile as a fan page. Speaking of which…

6. To my Fans: What?! So okay, you friended me and you are comin at me like I’m a fan? What’s on your wall worthy of making me a fan again? These are the same people who never read other people’s posts, check their links and expect all kinds of support for their hustle. These types are prone to post 1s, 4s and 5s from above. Consider me a fan when I click the Like Button on your FAN PAGE.

7. Half a conversation and cryptic posts. “I know, but maybe they’ll call you.” What do you know?  Who are they? Call about what? C’mon, do that in an IM or explain everything to us. Damn, aint we supposed to be friends? I also hate reading half an argument. At least tell us who you’re fighting with so we can friend them too and see the other half.

8. If you don’t repost this…WTF? Is this a Chain Letter? Like little puppies in [insert far away and foreign-sounding country] will be tortured if I don’t repost your daily concern. “Grandma has gout. We need to rally against gout. I know most of you don’t have the courage to…” And you just insulted me. Thanks.

9. Things you haven’t researched. “Oh no, Facebook added a new button to show all your credit card numbers?!!”  Thanks for warning me…um wait…where did you hear this from again?

10. Facebook sucks and any kind of complaining about facebook users or how it’s a waste of time or you got haters. De-friend people you don’t like or care about or Deactivate your account. Solved.

I think this is serious stuff and I bet most of you won’t repost this because you are all a bunch of…oh wait.

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