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Domino Grey is on your Radio Waves (FREE MUSIC)

Domino Grey is on your Radio Waves

The Butterfly Affect Part I song “Just Look at Me” was featured on the Radio Waves beach cast by DJ Michael. Congrats at the airspin. Domino Grey music is currently spinning on your internet radio station. Please support the stations that support our music.

Radio Waves Logo

From the Creators of Brocket 99 comes our less hard edged, not so controversial little brother… Radio Waves. We’re looking for the best *pod friendly, indie and unsigned Rock, Pop, Dance and Top 40 bands in the world. A bit of Reggae too mon’. Surf in, get the love lotion ready and hear the waves! RadioWaves.us The very best music you’ve never heard. Guaranteed… or we’ll clean the sand out of your shorts.

You can catch the stream and even download it here.


BeachCast # 11 – DJ Michael

Support the Artists you Hear on Radio Waves

Band / Musician


Domino Grey,

Just look at me,

Bubble Gum Orchestra,

Night in Shangri-la,

3 in Counting,

Michigan Song,

Ten Year Vamp,

Got 2 me,

Walter A Torres,


Gory Bateson,

Conan O’Brien’s Hair,

Catherine Duc,

Essence Of Dreams,

Emma’s Revolution,

Occupy the USA

Bravo, Max,

Two Headed Boy,

All India Radio,

Bollywood Nights, (Remix),

Bj’rn Lundquist,

The Rain,

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