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Chaos Legion Track Spotlight Raven’s Gate

Chaos Legion Track Spotlight Raven’s Gate

Chaos Legion concept art Queen Bashal of the Van-Goths

Queen Bashal of the Van-Goths. Slain by the evil General Magnus!

This song was originally called ‘Betrayal at Raven’s Gate’. At the point of being relieved by fellow Legionnaire Magnus Arkanus, Dynamics is ambushed. The Queen of the Van-Goths is murdered and in retaliation, Dynamics severs the hand of the fiend Magnus. With his closest friend Bathis Omacry and most of his warriors slain, Dynamics dives off the cliff to certain doom.

Sometimes I consider fleshing out an album to be similar to creating a sculpture. It’s a subtractive process of scraping away stuff that’s not needed until only the central idea is left behind.

The first version has the narrator Orice Corraine speaking these lines:

 “It was the great betrayal at Raven’s peak that set the wheels of change in motion. In one simple thrust of a sword, the destiny of a man was etched in stone and an entire empire would fall before his rage. But first..”

When listening to the album, it felt like he was talking too much early on. I mean, we just heard him on the intro “Scribes did Describe” so this opening was removed. There also was a conversation between myself and General Magnus, which served to establish our relationship and set up the context of the betrayal.

Magnus speaks in bold-

“General Magnus (Lord Dynamics)

It has been too long friend. Fires lit in remembrance.

Tell me, brother, what of the homeland?

Massive frontier that expands.”

“Fires lit in Remembrance” was going to be a cultural saying about missing someone. This was also going to be the original name of the CHAOS Legion II song “Ashes and Remembrance” where the flames of the destroyed convent are similar to fires (or pyres) we would light ourselves. If you note that someone I cared about was obviously a part of that religious retreat. Once I changed this song, it didn’t make sense to include the additional nods.

“And lady Shandra?

You did not hear…(huh?) we are wed now.

Twin sons she bears.

That’s, that’s excellent news.

The god’s blessings be on both of you.

Now Magnus, you must meet the Van-Goth queen..

In time, in time, first walk with me

What are you thoughts on King Xertese

This has been a tough assignment.

I go where I’m sent.

‘What good is a soldier that questions orders?

Besides I have done a margin in these outland borders.

But still I look to return to the Iron Fortress”

Magnus is checking on my ambitions. His mission is to terminate my command with extreme prejudice. I show that I am a loyal soldier and look forward to returning to the Iron Fortress. This is foreshadowing of the last track- originally called “Destruction of the Iron Fortress”.

“(sound of men yelling) so many reinforcements

Believe me our treaty is sunk deep (chuckles)

Your men won’t do more than idle patrol

Be sure nothing stirs here, now come let’s go.”

I note that he brings a great number of troops; the reason will become obvious in a moment. When I say the treaty is sunk deep, it’s a sexual innuendo about my relationship with Queen Bashal of the Van-Goths. I removed this romantic interest, even though it would have made Magnus’ treachery all the more villainous. I saw too many liaisons happening in the album and I didn’t think it’d be convincing (or too meaningful) that I’d fallen for the Amazon bodyguard Alanis with my early connection to this Queen and a later hint to someone special from my past staying at the religious retreat- Triage Sheol that is overrun in “Ashes and Remembrance”

Other than that, the story is pretty straightforward. King Xertese sends the General Magnus Arkanus as an assassin to kill me. He starts by murdering the Van-Goth Queen and I act on instinct and chop off his hand. My men are slaughtered and I alone escape by diving off a cliff.

 CHAOS Legion I: “Raven’s Gate”

General Magnus., may I preset Queen Bashal of the Van-Goths

(Lord Magnus)

He knelt, took her hand and said King’s will.

  Then drills steel  she reels but held the hilt still. 

     I swung and took his hand off at the sleeves (arhh),

           In a dream I’m screaming to their fallen queen

             Grand decree from King Xertes

 Dynamics this day you die here on Raven peak

 (you fiend)     and then he raised his arm to me

         As if he didn’t see how his hand bleeds


He laughed, I advanced and he fell back

In a flash we attacked and many swords clashed

 men fell, pell mell into the angry swell

with my best back to back somehow we held

       someday scribes will tell, how two

stood against many and did quite well.


    We can’t outlast, sir it’s been an honor

He cleared a path and screamed avenge this horror.

  Then he rushed and leapt to attack

I called, but only swords and spears answered back

(he falls) I raced to the ridge- to the

edge of the cliff,  twisted and dove off the rim.

    I had a glimpse Magnus raising up his limb,

    then the blackness slips  as I splashed in.

Thank you for your interest in the CHAOS Legion series

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