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CHAOS Legion Track Spotlight The Magnificent Six

CHAOS Legion Track Spotlight Album Intro: The Magnificent Six

Chaos Legion Dynamics Plus album symbolic imagery

We will face The Magnificent Six!

  This places the CHAOS Legion at the end of a far off campaign. The battle is determined by a standoff between the best of each army.

 The Magnificent Six

It’s been six days – neither army giving way

many were slain before the force that invades

on day eight we make a treaty and truce, to

Continue to lose and so we use our best troops


To keep from simply killing each other down to last man, we choose to decide the battle by a smaller fight using the best of our warriors.

 and their King is a glorious thing

so swift with the sword (victorious) some say it sings

a single flame, he circled  with a  torch…

made a  ring round arena where our battle will be fought.

 A single warrior- running with a torch? He is outlining the areas where the battles are going to take place in. If viewed from above, these would be the Olympic Rings. Yes, he was carrying the Olympic Torch.

Chaos Legion battle arena "Rings" configuration

Fight in your rings and win to advance

 It might be important to note that there is a science or rules to this kind of engagement. I felt that is was a little too complicated for a song and I would flesh it out more if a different medium. I guess this is good time to explain. You can only fight a person(s) standing in a connecting ring. You can only jump rings when you either win or a warrior (of yours) in a connecting ring is defeated and/or killed. In this battle, we are moving across the field of rings.

 They are called the Magnificent six

Without a further hint, he begins to sprint

The man’s transfixed and thinking a trick

For the runner comes quick without a weapon to lift

And so, one of my army is being challenged by a …sprinter. The Legionnaire pauses in shock because the man running at him has no armor or weapons.

What madness is this? Then sparks start to flick

Like lightning on his feet, like his cleats striking flint

He tried to dig in, but the runner runs over him

And in a flash, he was gashed, chest bashed in

The man’s feet begin to throw off sparks and it shows that the real weapons are the spikes or the cleats the runner wears on his shoes. My warrior braces, but the runner used a hurdling technique and killed him.

Bathis! Now that’s my best.
Supreme Champion Griffin crest on his Chest

holds his ground      before the final bound

he dropped down, an upward cut cut the runner down.

Bathis Omacry is called my champion. In any matters requiring a stand-in, he would be the dispenser of justice in my name. As the runner attempts to ‘hurdle’ him, Bathis drops to the floor and slices upward. You can only imagine where the blade struck.

They are quite skilled my lord. Watch the spearman. I see it!

Bathis is kind enough to give me a warning. In my circle I face the second challenger. At this point though, I have the answers for these fighting techniques.

From The stance he was standing in , face

like a mannequin Heavy Handed holds the Javelin

rubs his hands with salt then starts to assault

from walk to stalk, tries to pole vault

I chopped his stalk made him fall off and summersault

he was caught, took his helmet and his head off

 The trick was for me to foolishly go after the warrior. When I swung at him, he would fly overhead and swipe down from above. He’d basically vault over me. I see this coming and chop down the javelin, which he aimed at me to fool me and make me think that was his main attack.

(watch it my lord) he’s so vicious with a discus

He stood ready, steady closing the distance

I whispered Invictus        while hoping he misses

His missile listens and another man’s finished

He spun with a huge metal disc in his hand. In a great move, he spun towards me and Bathis, but threw the discus at another warrior and killed him.      

      My shield caved in, I darted in, he started to spin, my small blade slides under his chin.                   

A great counter move by rushing in during his set up. It might be cool to note that using the large sword in one hand and a smaller blade (or dirk) in the other is the fighting style that I will use throughout most of CHAOS Legion.

They run at strange angles

The claw hooks dangle, they entangle his ankle

He was strangled in a net or a mesh

And then the rest began stripping his flesh

(Triangle defense)

Now that the fighting is breaking down, they enemy begins to group together.

This is the classic gladiator fighting style using wire nets with weights at the ends to entrap the limbs of opponents.

I threw my sword and it scored

Bathis roared and chopped through the cords

Another strategic move as I avoid the close range technique (they assumed we’d use after observing our previous battles in the rings) and throw my sword.

 Two of the last three tried to reel him in.

The pinned fisherman doesn’t feel the steel slide in

A play on words, here. ‘Pinned’ as in pinned down, but really, I’m referring to that same dirk or small dagger I’m now using since I threw my sword. He’s ‘pinned’ as in stabbed by my pin.

 The second to last, lasts for a second he was deadened by a double headed heavy weapon. It’s so ironic as he sprawls, even as he falls he wonders what the weapons called.

This is one of my favorite lines in CHAOS Legion. It’s an awesome concept to imagine that a dying warrior is wondering what the weapon that just killed him is called on his way down to the ground to die.

the dust settles, see their king in heavy metal

and this test is a testament to his mettle

we stared across the battle field

two bloody battle lords who will never yield

I picked up my battered shield

A small matter for the heavy battle axe he wields

And so, it’s just the king in the far off circle. He’s been patiently watching and waiting. He’s taken in a ton of information about my fighting style and has a definite plan that will work. Really he does.  He gains even more confidence when he sees me pick up my broken shield. He knows that one cleave is all it takes.

at forty paces, there’s a  glares in his face

at twenty paces all he sees is his face

in ten paces the sun seals his fate

reflected in my shield, and deflecting to a scrape

the next waits,  the sure blade play decapitates

for my Chaos    Legion we defend the gates


It so happens that the sun is reflected off the dents in my shield in shimmering, beautiful and blinding patterns. This causes confusion and his great swing is easily deflected and a back swing cuts his head off. Winning this battle brings the Far Gates under the control of my king, King Xertese. This also starts the wheels in motion as my popularity soars. This is seen as a threat to (the increasingly paranoid and slowly going insane) Xertese who decides I must be eliminated -else my ambitions grow.

Thank you for your interest in the CHAOS Legion series

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