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C.H.A.O.S. Legion I + II Break Down Synopsis

Breaking Down C.H.A.O.S. Legion I & II

The Dynamic Universe Volume 10

Dynamics Plus Chaos Legion early album concept art

Chaos Legion early album concept art

Here is a piece of the official press description released at the beginning.

Imagine a world where the Roman Empire never fell but instead dominated the globe. Envision a place where mythology and technology meet on battlefields filled with robotic gladiators, giant siege machines and hovercrafts manned by Centurions. This is the world of the C.H.A.O.S Legion, a massive two volume concept album rooted in hip hop but powered by futuristic beats and a sonic palette including multiple characters conversing in rhyme.

“It takes place on Alternate Earth where Dynamics Plus is a Legionnaire General of King Xertese, who is like the Alexander the Great of this world. The rising popularity of Plus leads to jealousy and eventually betrayal. The bloody campaign of revenge and conquest begins!”

 The Dynamics Plus creates his own army from a collection of outcasts. These albums follow the rise of this C.H.A.O.S (Combat Heavy Assault Operations Squad) Legion and their challenge to the Xertese Empire.

I made the Chaos Legion I & II story-telling concept albums to follow the five year campaign of my renegade army as we travel across our world en route to the Crystal Castle, where the final battle will take place. Here are some general notes about each song. You can dig deeper with the Track Spotlights.

1. Album Intro: “The Magnificent Six” [Read the Track Spotlight]

This places the CHAOS Legion at the end of a far off campaign. The battle is determined by a standoff between the best of each army.

2. “Scribes Did Describe”

Here, the credits roll and you are given an overview of the album.

The scribe Orice Corraine lends his voice to this epic adventure.

3. “Ravens Gate” [Read the Track Spotlight]

This song was originally called ‘Betrayal at Raven’s Gate’. At the point of being relieved by fellow Legionnaire Magnus Arkanus, Dynamics is ambushed. The Queen of the Van-Goths is murdered and in retaliation, Dynamics severs the hand of the fiend Magnus. With his closest friend Bathis Omacry and most of his warriors slain, Dynamics dives off the cliff to certain doom.

4. “The King of Ash Sits on a Throne of Skulls”

Escaping and swimming down into an underwater cavern, Dynamics meets the King of Ash. He is a soulless entity who was once a great battle lord. He made a deal with the devil and as a result, he is imprisoned and fated to spend eternity guarding his foul treasures. The worthiness (a person not here for personal gain) of Dynamics causes the Ash-lord to give Plus a great sword and shield as a gift.

5. “Den of Thieves”

Continuing his Journey, Dynamics stumbles across a group of deserters and takes a one-on-gamble to start the rebuilding of his army. It is here that Dynamics meets his next great defender Boris Amataeus.

6. “Liberators”

The new CHAOS Legion needs great weapons to defeat the mighty armies of King Xertese, and thus they seek the use of the powerful Siege machines. Upon arriving at the kingdom of loyal Lord Praxis, Dynamics prepares for a fight, but is surprised at how far the word of his fledgling rebellion has spread.

7. “Iron Maidens”

Lord Praxis presents Dynamics Plus with two bodyguards; the beautiful and deadly Iron Maidens. Bring forth Aureyis and Alanis.

8. “Ronin Omega”

Red is the face of Ronin Omega. Facing the winter wastes and spreading famine, Dynamics Plus has decided to investigate the story of the Lord Baron Vie-ree and his demonic charge, a monster they call the Ronin Omega.

9. “Siege Machines”

It’s the eve of battle. Two armies face each other across a great chasm. Dynamics Plus and his army prep the great siege machines for total destruction.

10. “Iron Fortress” [read the Track Spotlight]

Using the terrible Siege Machines, the Dynamics Plus and his CHAOS Legion defeat Battle lord Korrin-Ferrin. The adventure continues in the hunt for the assassin Magnus and the insane King Xertese.

C.H.A.O.S. Legion II

1 “Scribes did Describe”

A minor edit was used to update the state of the campaign.

2 “Day of Scarecrows”

Part of the CHAOS Legion is detoured to investigate stories of a powerful wizard that holds a city in the grips of terror. On the way Dynamics finds himself in battle with animated scarecrows.

3. “Night of the Dragon”

Closer yet, the powers of this wizard become more evident as the CHAOS Legion do battle with a dragon made of glass.

4 “Fall of the Wizard’s Tower

This is the final showdown between man and the mystic. Dynamics will find out the cleverness behind the bag of tricks.

5 “One Stands against Many”

Who is the warrior who defeats the best of the CHAOS Legion and challenges the Dynamics Plus? He is an old champion, a great gladiator whose heart still burns for revenge.

6. “Invincible Gold Champion” [read the Track Spotlight]

Dynamics battles the great gladiator champion …and loses!

The terms of defeat will be to deliver a message. His name is Victor Ademmis and you will remember!

7. “Ashes and Remembrance”

A splintering of the Chaos Legion had chosen to rest and re-supply at a retreat for religious studies. A rampaging army of invaders has destroyed the chosen destination:  The Convent Triage Sheol.

She was a first love. She is dead now. A warning is sent to the very gods that watched this happen and did nothing. Dynamics Plus shall do something, but what will it cost him?

8.”Vengeance Slayers”

Dynamics Plus pays a heavy price for his quest of revenge. The invaders are turned and the world of the CHAOS Legion mourns anew. Even in war, there is room for love.

9. “Eyes of Fate” [read Track Spotlight]

The prophecy that tells the end of all things imagined. How can Dynamics Plus continue knowing that the end is near?

10. “Eve of Final Conquest”

The final rallying speech for the ill-fated CHAOS Legion.

The Combat: Heavy Assault Operation Squad will fight on, even in the face of defeat.

11.” Twilight of the Crystal Castle”

This marks the final battle for the Crystal Castle and the ultimate revenge against the evil King Xertese. In the darkest hour, an ancient friend will return to level the playing field. Red is the face when it is covered with your enemy’s blood!

12. Prologue: “Message Delivered”

Old debts are paid. The weasel- King Pariah will remember his double-cross and a forgotten name will be etched into his mind before death!

Thank you for your interest in the CHAOS Legion series

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  1. Dex Riley
    May 23, 2012 at 2:38 am

    Great story telling. This is great music.

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