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Track Spotlight Chaos Legion II Eyes of Fate

Track Spotlight Chaos Legion “Eyes of Fate”

Artistic Chaos Legion II "Eyes of Fate"

- Just before his watch was up, he watched her wash up...

Near the ending of the second Chaos Legion album is the song “Eyes of Fate”. I admit I usually skip past this one because I’m amped to hear one of my favorites “Twilight of the Crystal Castle”, but every so often I play it and am reminded of its importance. It’s one of those prophecy joints, and just like every prophecy; it’s hard to get an exact idea of what’s going to happen – until it happens. It gives away the ending of the final battle and describes the Dynamics Plus falling in battle – to the delight of the evil King Xertese. It’s important to note that everything he sees in her vision does happen in “Twilight of the Crystal Castle”.

 “Eyes of Fate”

Lyrics by Dynamics Plus

She sees.    The future through her eyes of fate
What she creates, it relates inside her dreamscapes

(Her eyes of fate) she watched the world take shape

To Future late -When the weight of destiny awaits

Just before his watch was up

He watched her wash up (someone get Dynamics Plus)

So young is the girl with her hands bound

Found where she drowned          wrapped inside a white gown

She faced face down – we turned her around

And found her face full round as if time rewound

Quite absurd, then the worst occurred, her mouth

Pursed poured forth words and verses only I heard

One of the Legionnaires finds a beautiful girl washed up on the beach near our camp. As we roll her over, her face returns to its youthful appearance and she speaks to me alone.

King Xertese exercises as he please and

Even as she bleeds she sees future prophecies

He will ride through the gates of his city wide

And face you face to face the end draws nigh

On his golden chariot victory decry

You dare deny, or defy your destiny defined

The young girl is a Futurist Maiden, a cross between a seer and witch, who, upon reaching womanhood can see glimpses of the future.  The unknown story is that she was taken by the King and forced to disclose the future.  She lets me know that in the final battle I will fight King Xertese personally. And he will win and ride back into his city through the massive city gates on his golden chariot.

(How do you know this?) from the inner eye

In her mind are signs, the evil king will enlist to try

To divine, to devise a concubine confined

She’d rather die as a bride at Poseidon’s side

So she decides and consigns to the oceans tide

Here a final find for our fates intertwine

After Xertese is given knowledge of his destiny, he has no further use for her and decides it’s now time to break her seal and make her one of his concubines, in a similar way to how the Iron Maiden’s chastity it tied to their fighting spirit. [see Chaos Legion I “Iron Maidens”] To avoid this, she breaks away from her guards and leaps from a tower into the ocean far below. It’s another point of fate that she washes ashore near my camp and her spirit is able to deliver one last message.

(Dynamics!)  Boris (You seem shaken)

a dream ? I feel as if freshly awakened

Should the body be returned to the sea?

Rhea’s daughter has drunk enough water

Leave the body undisturbed and set to burn

Now rally the troops for my final words.

The reference to Rhea is from Roman and Greek mythology, which suggests perhaps Dynamics Plus sees the young maiden in a similar way to Hestia or Hera. This all sets up an interesting idea that Dynamics knows he is going to lose the final battle and still makes the rousing speech in “Eve of Final Conquest”. It may also explain why he notes the significance of what they have already achieved before going into battle.

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