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miniStori interviews Stephanie Kay and Shea Lizette from Back in the Black

miniStori interviews Stephanie Kay and Shea Lizette from Back in the Black



With only a few interviews left in our series covering Back in the Black I thought it keen  to couple the last four vocalist together, especially being that two out of this highly talented group were featured on the lead single together. You’re My Addiction is an insanely up beat break graced by the vocals of Stephanie Kay and Shea “The Doll” Lizette. The arrangement is very fresh with a hook that effortlessly draws you deeper.  Let’s find out more about the women who made this song and others possible ↓

Stephanie Kay (#2 You’re My Addiction and #007 Danger Danger)

ministori: Could you please tell us how you started writing and singing? Was it always in you to perform? We would also like to know a little bit about Concrete kids and any possible connection with your music.

Stephanie Kay: I started singing and writing from a very young age. My mom is a wedding singer and great pianist. I grew up being surrounded in music because of her. My dad was also interested in music but more on the technical side such as recording and studio equipment. Ever since I can remember I put on shows for my family singing and dancing, making up songs as I went to instrumentals. I started writing and recording more seriously when I received Sony Acid from my father for a Christmas present around the age of 12. From there it has grown and spiraled into what it has become today.

Concrete Kids is a just for fun parody group. We’ve only done 3 songs and don’t have any future plans to make more at this time. We just wanted a few laughs, never meant for it to turn into something big or serious.

ministori: Out of all the featured artists, you seem to have the most experience and yet you choose to remain unsigned. What is it about the music industry that has caused you shy away from a full recording package and how have you come this far as an independent singer?

Stephanie Kay: There are many factors that play into my not being signed. The first being my location. Living in Wisconsin doesn’t allow for much opportunity to grow as a serious artist. I have had some air play on local Top 40 radio stations but over all Wisconsin isn’t the best place to be if you’re serious about a music career.

That brings me to the next point, for me music is my passion. As much as I love recording and writing, the time I have to do so is limited. I’m a full time college student and work as well. I always want music to be fun, never work or a chore. That’s why I choose to remain independent and work at my own pace.


I’ve been contacted by small label A&Rs from LA before but frankly I wasn’t interested in what they could offer, as well as paying a fee for their “service”.

 I got where I am today by networking and putting my music and acapellas on many different sites. I’ve worked with many talented people solely via Internet. Looperman.com has been a big, BIG help in connecting me with DJs, producers, engineers etc. (in which has made a lot of my songs possible)

ministori: I read in the album notes that your song with Shea, “You’re My Addiction” was almost pulled from the album due to the recent and tragic passing of Amy Winehouse. As a role model, what message do you project to other young women with dreams of making it in music?

Stephanie Kay: My heart goes out to Amy Winehouse and her family. She truly was one talented woman.

For any girls who have a passion for music I say get out there and do your thing, honey! Don’t let anything hold you back. Not everyone is going to like your music, some people will hate it, but it’s the people who love you and your music that make it all worthwhile.

ministori: Who influences you as an artist and why?

Stephanie Kay: I listen to a lot of music and admire the different styles of a lot of artists. A few of the biggest influences to me as an artist are Natalie Horler (of Cascada), Christina Aguilera, and Kelly Rowland. All three ladies are powerhouses vocally and emulate the kind of music and vocal abilities I’d like to see in my own work.

ministori: What’s next for Stephanie Kay? Will you be crossing into other genres? And what is your next project?

Stephanie Kay : Right now college is my first priority. I will continue to do music always, but unfortunately it can’t be the first on my list. My home will always be somewhere in the dance genre but I’d like to try out some R&B and songs with a touch more pop/hip hop to them. I do have a few collaborations coming up with some talented people, but I will keep that a surprise for my fans and followers. :)

Shea “The Doll” Lizette (#2 You’re My Addiction,#3 I Ain’t Mad at You, and #16 You’re just Like a Dream to Me)

ministori: You are the only artists featured with a nickname. What exactly does “the Doll” stand for and how did you come up with that title?

Shea Lizette: “The doll” was a name given to me by my aunt Genevieve who was a beautician. She would pull my hair so tight that my eyes would look “chinky”, and so she would say “you look like a lil china doll”. When she passed away from cancer I kept the name in remembrance. 

ministori: I here you’ve known Domino grey for a long time. What kind of history do the two of you have? Is that interlude [”Shea’s Secret”] a hint about some kind of romantic interest?

Shea Lizette: Well I have known “Domino Grey” for about 10 years. He is actually very responsible for my career, I met him as a young girl and he basically taught me everything I know about music and the industry. So he’s not only “domino grey” to me he is my mentor.

The “Shea’s secret” interlude raises a lot of eyebrows but i have to say that there is no romantic interest. I’m actually trying to inform him that another woman is very interested in him.

ministori: You were one of the few artists to actually be there for the music creation. With your solo record “You’re just like a Dream to Me”, was the music created around your vocals or did you write to the track?

Shea Lizette: It is such a pleasure to work with “Domino Grey” in person. we have a natural chemistry and on this particular record I wrote to the track on the spot and we recorded it right away.

ministori: The ending is very powerful when you sustain that note. What kind of musical background or training do you have?

Shea Lizette: To be honest with you I have not had any formal vocal training. as far as musical background there is church (choir) ,trumpet, and drums.

ministori: You contributed vocals to multiple tracks on the album including two solo features with diametrically opposing sounds. What enables you to create music across several genres? Which one(s) do you like best?

Shea Lizette: I believe I am able to create music across several genres because I love all types of music. My music interests go from experimental to classic and anything in between. I don’t have a favorite genre because they all bring out different emotions within me and I wouldn’t feel complete if I had to choose.  

ministori: When you’re writing, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Shea Lizette: This is a hard one! Well, if I’m writing to a track sometimes the music speaks to me but if I’m just writing it’s probably a thought that triggers it or maybe even a visual experience is another great writing tool.

ministori: You’ve also recorded in many studios and with many camps. What experiences and lessons have you learned and what advice can you give to solo female artists making their way in a male dominated industry?

Shea Lizette: I have learned to always pay attention and stay focused. I have also learned to stay humble but to also maintain a solid opinion. The advice I would give to up and coming female artists would be to always have a plan, goals and deadlines. Make sure you don’t lose yourself along the way.

ministori: Excellent advice indeed. I know I for one am eager to hear more of Shea and Stephanie in the future, perhaps another collaboration is in the works.

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→ To purchase more of Domino Grey’s music check out his iTunes page, thedynamicuniverse, or cdbaby for the physical release. Stay tuned for up coming interviews with the female vocal and musical talent of  the album! ↓

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