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Dynamics Plus Q n A Part II Enter the Domino Grey

This is part II of an interview with Dynamics Plus on the ICan’tCallIt Blog. Lenzmen Dynamics Plus is asked about the newest album Domino Grey and the Electro-lounge album Get it Up, Lay it Down. You can read part I here or read it on the original blog.  It is also archived on this blog.

Dynamics Plus Q&A Pt: II

Words by RJ the Feeenom

Album Cover Domino Grey Get it Up, Lay it Down

What was the inspiration for making this album??

Someone was looking through my iPod and commented that I listen to a broad range of music. They found it strange that I have such eclectic tastes, but only make abstract hip hop. I explained that I make a lot of different stuff, but I…only release XYZ. After thinking about it more, it made sense to share some of my other music.

Do you feel this album will help bridge the ever growing gap between “true” underground hip-hop and mainstream hip-hop as a whole??

No, I don’t think so. There’s no rapping and I kept it that way to cause separation. This isn’t Dynamics Plus over some dance music beats hoping to cross-over. It’s electro-lounge from Domino Grey, which is powered by Dynamics Plus.

What was the most challenging part of making this album??

The sonics. My normal landing point is Lo-fi underground. I expect my music to rock mostly in headphones so I can break all kinds of rules and get away with experimenting with the sound design and mixing. This is meant to be enjoyed by all so it had to be much cleaner and balanced while still sounding like the Fallout Shelter was behind it.

Was the fear of this not being appreciated by your core audience a thought when you created this album??

I’d be a little fearful if I was dumping one audience for another. Basically that’s the essence of selling out, so to speak. The scientist aint going nowhere. The music from The Dynamic Universe will keep coming. This isn’t uprooting the tree, only branching out.

What is your favorite song(s) on this record???

Tough one. Every record is the favorite when it first gets made. I’d say “Lonely Angel”. I was waiting at a train station and blasting a new test mix and some kids started dancing to it. I wanted to scream to them “Hey y’all this is my song! It’s going to be a record real soon! I made this!” I’ve never had this reaction from my music before and it was really ill. That makes this song special in my mind.

What can we to expect next in the continuously growing catalog of Dynamics Plus??

This should be my most productive year. More instrumental albums of all sorts, the return of Doctor Atomics. Lenzmen. Some fulfilled expectations and quite a few surprises.

To date, which album do you feel is your most creative effort??

Chaos Legion I and II. I can’t think of anyone else pulling off an album like that. Some of the other universes I’ve dreamed up will be pushed farther. This one is fully fleshed out and all I need to do is tell more stories.

With many hip-hop groups venturing into other genres both successfully and unsuccessfully, how have those examples motivated you to take it to a level where you are the former rather than the latter??

Sounds simple, but actually make good music in these other genres. That takes some kind of real understanding, respect and passion for those styles and even the culture behind their origins.

When something other than the artist’s inner voice is leading them, you can usually hear it when listening to their records.

Thanks for your time RJ.

For more info, check out Dynamic’s Plus’s music at  http://www.thedynamicuniverse.com/

And purchase this music and more from Dynamica Music on iTunes

CD copies at CDBaby

Check out the I Can’t Call it Blog

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