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Album Review: Dynamics Plus Battlestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship

Album Review: Dynamics Plus – Battlestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship

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Today is an Artist/Band album review of a group I already reviewed an album for, but this is their newest (from what I know; they have a massive amount of released music you can check out at their Official Lenzmen Website) album titled Battlestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship.  A briefing about this group would be difficult to sum up in little words because they’re that nasty.  It’s actually completely confusing listening tracks from the Lenzmen due to the fact that there’s so much information to comprehend and compute in such a relatively short amount of time that the part, or the entire track, needs to be listened to another time.  I actually listened to Battlestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship two times within two hours; it is that good.

To start discussing the album Battlestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship, firstly, their production skills have increased to a new level of clarity.  Secondly; they’ve come a long, long way with their vocal production that they can bring you on a journey without you realizing that you’re listening to a “Hip-Hop” album with emcees blasting rhymes subtly left and right.  Every album could have a live action or animated, whichever, film to accompany the audio album.  There ought to be a video series to all of their albums; it would be like nothing you’ve seen or experienced before.  R. Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet” videos would be laughable compared to what the Lenzmen can potentially produce, direct, and star in.

Track Listing:

  1. INTRO Enter the Battlestrux
  2. Space Kraken Awaken
  3. Heres Your Mission
  4. Captain on the Bridge
  5. Pirates!
  6. Where Starships Disappear
  7. Lair of the Beast
  8. Enter the Exit Track
  9. Encounter on Planet X-10
  10. MOPHO Last Analog Transmission
  11. Farewell Omega Pegasus
  12. Battle Planet Impossible Obstacle Remix

Running time: About 40 minutes

“INTRO Enter the Battlestrux” is, like they usually do, blast off the album with lyrics genius.  The entire track is engineered nice and has some clever word play and conversational dialogue which may leave you forgetting you’re listening to a “music” album.  The beat kicks hard; it feels nice when the snare cracks through the mix.  It has an uplifting ending to the track with some atmospheric synths that cut away and leave the beat kicking hard on the fade-out.

“Space Kraken Awaken” has a funky beat; it sucked me in.  Lyrical confusion engulfs my brain during this track.  Good luck comprehending it all on your first time listening to it.  That’s my info to give to you before you press/click play.

“Captain on the Bridge” has a slow tempo and the change up opens up the door for rapid fire rhymes.  It does just that after the awesome intro that focuses on dialogue.  The 16th note hi-hat usage grooves out the beat to an extreme awesomeness.  The ending grooves hard.

“Lair of the Beast” is a Hip-Hop/Sci-Fi/Dance track.  I’ve never wrote the previous sentence’s combination of genres before; that was weird.  My body starts moving as soon as the beat kicks in.  This track is dope.

“Encounter on Planet X-10” is intense compared to the rest of the album.  From what I perceived out of it, it’s a scene that involves action and suspense on an alien planet.  The beat accompanies the vibe perfectly.

Overall, this album is worth every second, but make sure you listen between each second because you may miss numerous rhymes during the ten tenths of it.  Dynamics Plus is one of the greatest emcees I’ve ever met and listened to so far during my life; it’s always inspiring to hear music that destroys boundaries in any genre(s) of music.  Battlestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship is a no doubt 100% WIN album.  Their entire catalog can be checked out at www.TheDynamicsUniverse.com.  And to end off with a side note, but as a question: WTF type of unconscious dreams do the Lenzmen have on a regular basis during their night sleep/rest hours?!?

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