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Anthony Michael Angelo reviews Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude

Anthony Michael Angelo from Rights are Imaginary


Dynamics Plus – Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude


Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude


The album Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude , which I got directly from emcee Dynamics Plus, is the only album I have from them; I’ll eventually get the entire discography because this one album already shows me it’ll worth listening to even just once during my lifetime. IMO, Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude is pure talent in all directions that the mainstream and even the majority of the underground Hip-Hop/RAP world wishes it could be. Beyond ahead of their time lyrically. And to top it off their beats are so damn strange and catchy, I can’t help but let the track take me on whatever journey it wants to.

Track Listing taken from :
1. Entrance Verse 03:14
2. Album Intro: Tour Guide 01:43
3. Get it Right while I Write 04:26
4. The Big Dynamic Robot Show episode I 04:07
5. Far Beyond Your Range 03:11
6. S.A.F.T.A. 03:00
7. Look at My Lifestyle 04:05
8. Focal Point 03:55
9. My Son from the Red Sun 02:34
10. Ghost of Machines 02:50
11. Interactive Construction Module 02:35
12. Easy to See 04:24
13. Interlude: Finish the Project 01:13
14. Machine Slave 03:56
15. Robot Citadel: Final Siege Story 04:33
16. One Chance 03:51
17. STACI III Garden of Eden 07:24
18. End is True: Exit Verse 03:25

“Entrance Verse” isn’t just your average entrance. It blasts off rhymes at speeds that my Ex-Thrash Metal playing ears have trouble keeping up with. I think it’s hilarious that they name such a funky beat and flow that has such an immense amount of rhymes in it just an “Entrance Verse.” Hilariously impressive.

“Far Beyond Your Range” is one that sticks out to me in a big way. A change in swings on the drum pattern from the rest of the album up to that point – it’s a big half time feel, like the average Bone Thugs N Harmony beat, and I absolutely love BTNH. The lyrics are referring to cosmic events in the vacuum of Space and showing the beauty of it via Rhythm And Poetry. I love the concept and feel it was executed perfectly. I actually feel a tingle of inspiration listening to this track. I thank them for giving me that tingle. It’s probably my favorite track off the album.

“Focal Point” is a lyrical assault with a flow that makes my brain explode.

“Interactive Construction Module” is simply creative. I love it. A lot.

“One Chance” lyrically destroys mythologies and other forms of imaginary being based fairytales. Even Christopher Hitchens would be impressed with the wordplay. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel C. Dennett would probably drop a shout out during the filming of The Four Horsemen to Lenzmen if they knew this track existed.

“STACI III Garden of Eden” is what I would consider pure evidence of versatility that Lenzmen posses when it comes to production, engineering, lyrics, and execution of lyrics. I can’t describe this one other than it has an intense vibe to it. And I love the beat; it has a Funky feel to it. I could strut down a cyber metropolis city block to this groove.

Overall, I would say Lenzmen are fascinatingly talented and I would suggest them to anyone who is looking for Hip-Hop/RAP music that is “out there” from the everyday nonsense that is being spewed out of people’s faces. Listen to the album after the sun has set for that day’s rotation, because IMO it has a good night vibe.

Keep it groovy. Because sometimes, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.



You can read more from Anthony Michael Angelo on his Website http://www.rightsareimaginary.com/ and be sure to reach out to him on His Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/anthonymichaelangelo .

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