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Making a Bio: Helping Yourself without Hyping Yourself

June 29, 2010 1 comment

Bio: Helping Yourself without Hyping Yourself

Dynamics Plus in Fallout

What they say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.

One of the first things I was asked for, when trying to Do-It-Yourself, as I was releasing my first record was a BIO. If a Bio is defined as a brief description of me, I figured it’d be easy enough to string together a whole bunch of adjectives. “I’m the greatest artist ever…I’m the bestest- at all the best…est stuff”. When I was told that my Bio needed work, I went in and added even more colorful phrases. I was ready to convince the world that I was the man!

When I enlisted the help of Publicist Jerry Graham from Warm Fuzzy, he asked for every scrap and detail about my career (if you could call it that) and wanted all of my ‘paperwork’. When he read my Bio, he replied “Just be honest”. Oh, was I insulted! What do you mean, be honest? He explained: It’s not what you claim or say about yourself. The idea is to share what you’ve done and the opinion of others about your music.

He said “You’ve been on albums with other artists; list them. Don’t hype yourself, give people a chance to decide for themselves. Besides, that’s what they’re here for…to listen to your art and judge whether or not they like it”. I’m very thankful Jerry didn’t just ‘work my record’. He took the time to give me a bit of insight and I’ve adopted that philosophy in many other areas.

You’ll always hear me say “I’m a Scientist” or Scientific Emcee. I didn’t just pick a rhyme style and run with it as my gimmick. It was the Cryptic One from Atoms Fam that heard me rhyme and said “Okay, you’re a Scientist”. I embraced it; it became part of what defines my creative slant.

We all get to decide what we are. If you want people to say that you are upfront, honest and truthful, then those are the qualities you need to embody every day. I guarantee that if you make an effort to be a certain type of person, you will become that type of person and it will only be a matter of time before others realize it and spread the word.

It works both ways; we need to also weigh the negative comments and consider all unkind words as constructive criticism. It’s part of having that thick-skin every artist needs to develop. These are some kind words from a friend about The Lenzmen and my production efforts.

The Lenzmen are a great hip-hop group from Long Island, NY. Their sound combines highly technical production with dense lyrics, which is to me a good thing. The beats are an interesting mix of sampling and synths that have been tortured beyond belief. The producer for the group, Dynamics Plus, is a bit of a gear junky and this is evident in his music. He likes to bring lots of different sounds to a given song. He also has an interesting style of drum programming. Yes, I said it. He actually puts thought into his drum programming! Lyrically, any one of these guy is strong enough to carry an entire album…and have. See their discography for evidence. The tone fluctuates between highly conceptual story songs to harsh sci-fi inflected battle rhymes to freestyles that are better worded than most peoples writtens. They augment all of the above with self-produced music videos. Really words don’t do these guys justice. Just check out the site and see if they are your cup of tea.

I think we should focus on being the kind of person worth hyping. Sometimes that involves more speaking to ourselves than speaking about ourselves.

-Dynamics Plus