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Dynamics Plus Ranezine interview with Modulok

Dynamics Plus Ranezine Interview with Modulok

Dynamics Plus in the Fallout Shelter

What’s the lyric, Modulok?

How did you get into the game?

Aw man, once I fell in love with music, all I wanted to do was make records. In my mind I had all these preliminary steps involving major labels and a big record deal. Getting signed became the focus and making records was suddenly a far off dream. It was all about demos then like how it’s about mixtapes now. I had an epiphany and signed myself to my own label and suddenly all the pressure went away and I wasn’t concerned with outside approval and that gave me the artistic freedom to make records on my own terms. Once you tackle the big things, the small things become easy. Running Producer’s Edge Magazine and the Dynamica Music label is now the big responsibility and making records is just something we do. And so to answer your question, I basically started my own league and made myself commissioner.

What is your motivation?

I stay motivated by having short term and long term goals.  I think about a listener discovering my music and I want to give them something different and special. I want to create a world they can get lost in. In many cases, I look within and think about my own favorite experiences and try to create those moments in my music. I stay motivated by remembering why I liked hip hop to begin with and try to honor that spirit.

What sets you apart from rapper greats like 2pac, eminem and 50?

Those are figures that represent ideas that transcend their music. While all of them have said some interesting things and had profound lyrics, it’s the very idea of what they are that causes fans to connect. You can name any great in any field and they will always be the extreme example. They take their persona to the limit and we all love alter-egos and superheroes. Dynamics Plus is about as much dynamics plus as you can get, so all that’s left is the need to expose my art.

Where is the rap scene going?

Rap will go to where the sales are. Hip hop goes to where the props are. I’m hoping they can both merge and highly lyrical rap can become the cool thing to do again. I call my own approach Intelligent Hip Hop and I’m hoping music takes a turn where my style has standing room in the place to be.

What do you like better freestyle or studio recording?

Studio recording leads to records and that’s what’s up. The Lenzmen freestyle so much because we would meet every weekend and rhyme all night. We all had rhymes for the first few sessions, but eventually you’d run out of material. That forced us to make rhymes, battle verses and stories off the head. I bring the freestyle system with me in the studio and I’ve even written down my freestyle verses to use on records. I try to maintain a balance between the perfectly recorded verse and a naturally raw performance. I need that kind of truth in my delivery and I think it’s important to still be able to hear the artist in the art. Thanks for the cypher Rane.


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Ranezine About: Our motto, LOUDER IT!

We’re on an epic mission to discover music and circulate to everywhere & everyone.  There are no boundaries to this kind of goal, that’s why no stone is unturned, no band overlooked, no music unheard.  Every voice needs an audience and every hard working band deserves an opportunity.

Many of bands we helped have been so kind to believe our dream along side theirs.

We want to thank the bands though, finding their music was another reason for Ranezine…

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