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Original Dynamic Universe Volumes now available!

05/2010 Dynamic Universe Vol 01: Mental Flex Dynamica Music and Dynamics Plus release archived material. It’s the first album and you can get more information about it here and buy it for $4.99 here.
Mental Flex Album Cover
05/2010 Dynamic Universe Vol 02: Foresight Wars I went totally space cadet on Foresight Wars. It’s alien abductions and the origins of my Foresight Powers. There are three CDP (Captain Dynamics Plus) songs and the debut of the Nucleon Universe with Eve of Destruction. Check the Album info page and buy the album for $4.99 here.
Foresight Wars ALbum Cover
05/2010 Dynamic Universe Vol 03: Jade Mantis It’s killer rhymes and an aggressive delivery from the Deadly Jade Mantis Dynamics Plus. The science gets heavy and deep so prepare to rewind this a few times to catch it all. Check the Album info page and buy the album for $4.99 here.

Jade Mantis album cover

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Renting Studio Time to Renting Studio Time

Renting Studio Time to Renting Studio Time

Fallout Shelter Studios shot

It’s weird to be involved with a Music Production magazine when I have no aspiration to be a music producer myself.  I simply made beats because I need something to rap over. I remember renting studio time at a big commercial facility, bringing a crate of records and being told they didn’t have a sampler. That started the whole In Crib Productions era. I rented time at various home studios and began cranking out demos.

My frat brother Sajo worked with a producer named The Bad Man Wilson and I’d drive all the way from Long Island to Brooklyn just to work on my music. So many times I’d arrive at his living room studio only to find out he had company or be caught up with other projects and have to reschedule. There was nothing to complain about since studio time was free and I got it on the strength of their friendship. I didn’t realize the significance of this until I opened my own studio and saw how much time and energy I put into other cats music without charging them. Wow. It’s a wonder he had that kind of patience since I was still in my larvae stage and working out the bugs and trying to figure out how to blend all the science, sci-fi and general abstracted rappin into a demo.

I worked with Chuck Johns in Deer Park; another talented producer who skills leaned toward R&B, but none-the-less we made some good songs together. Eventually I made my way to Butch Ballard Studios in Amityville where I started building a unique sound. I saw a dusty bass guitar sitting in the corner and asked Butch to play on my record. After a bit of prodding he agreed and suddenly every demo from his studio had him playing live bass.

Studio time was still too expensive and I needed greater freedom to experiment away from the clock so I decided to get my own equipment. I picked up an Ensoniq ASR-10 brand new from Sam Ash and dove in. I started sampling from everywhere; TV, VHS, radio, tape and eventually DVDs. I picked up a Behringer Eurodesk 32-channel mixing board and artists started calling my crib– the studio. Somewhere along the Line I picked up an MPC 2000XL. My workflow took a major turn when Jest One Art put me on to Cool Edit Pro and the idea of using a PC as the studio brain. Infinite storage, infinite sampling time and seemingly infinite creative possibilities. Until something better than digital recording arrives or I choose to go back to analogue tape with reels, this is the current Fallout Shelter configuration. Oh there have been quite a few synths and modules thrown in the mix, but the essence remain a whole lot of audio being tossed around.

At one point I went in completely and quit my day job and opened my studio as a commercial business. Just before that I had been recording local acts for free (returning the favor to complete the circle) and many of them suggested I do it ‘for real’. Engineering a session was quite different than recording friends on the weekend. I enjoyed making my own music much more than cranking out demos. Now my studio is a personal laboratory where I do my Sound Design for and magazine work for You can also catch the work I’ve done with my music group at and my personal island of sci-fi hip hop at

-Dynamics Plus

Chaos Legion I & II

Chaos Legion Album Concept Graphic THE LENZMEN DYNAMICS PLUS


Imagine a world where the Roman Empire never fell but instead dominated the globe. Envision a place where mythology and technology meet on battlefields filled with robotic gladiators, giant siege machines and hovercrafts manned by Centurions. This is the world of the C.H.A.O.S Legion, a massive two volume concept album rooted in hip hop but powered by futuristic beats and a sonic palette including multiple characters conversing in rhyme. Dynamics Plus, emcee and producer who also mixed, mastered and even created the artwork has basically created an audio version of a big budget fantasy epic in his own studio “the fallout shelter”. Dynamics Plus says of the albums…

“I developed the concept for this album years ago but I didn’t have the tools or gear necessary to do it the way I had it in my mind so I sat on it while I kept building my skill-set. I recorded the entire album in sequence so I completed the intro track and kept recording until the last track of the story was done. I lived this album as it unfolded.”

No easy feat for sure, but Dynamics Plus AKA Drew Spence is one of the greatest students of the art of production. He uses his knowledge and love to further its ends as Editor In Chief of Producers Edge Magazine, a resource dedicated to documenting every angle of music production. As a member of The Lenzmen (also including members Doctor Strange, Centri and Earthadox) he’s crafted imaginative songs touching on many themes including the martial arts, wrestling, sci-fi, aliens and super heroics. This is definitely Dynamic Plus’s masterwork. Speaking on the story he reveals “It takes place on Alternate Earth where Dynamics Plus is a Legionnaire General of King Xertese, who is like the Alexander the Great of this world. The rising popularity of Plus leads to jealousy and eventually betrayal. The bloody campaign of revenge and conquest begins!”

The Dynamics Plus creates his own army from a collection of outcasts. These albums follow the rise of this C.H.A.O.S (Combat Heavy Assault Operations Squad) Legion and their challenge to the Xertese empire. It’s also a metaphor for today’s musical landscape as Dynamics Plus uses an army of songs to rally the underground into challenging the empire we call the music industry.